Monday, April 9, 2012

April Third

We went to visit our Lolo in San Luis, Batangas. Most of my relatives have their houses there but most aren't lived at at all since everybody seems to live abroad or the city. But, I love it there so much! I spent most of my childhood there. Back when I was a kid, we used to explore the "woods" and the sugar cane fields. We have a river just at the back of our house, and there are a lot of tall mahogany trees that were planted by my father. We also have rambutan trees down at the back. My childhood was really simple. I grew up away from the city, the fabulous malls, parties, clothes and shoes but I eventually found my way towards those things. I used to wear boy shorts, t-shirts, caps and slippers when I was a kid. Did I mention I was quite a tomboy back then? Well, I was. It's really good to say that I was able to experience playing games like habulan, tumbang preso, patintero, sikyo, and a lot more. I really miss being a kid. Now, most of my cousins have grown up. We have grown up. I miss my cousins. I miss being a kid during summer. Oh well, life is not fair, so better to just play along.

Here are some photos (I took them from our window, I wasn't able to go outside because it was scorching hot)

Here are photos with my Lolo:
This was taken on vivid setting, thus the color. I wasn't able to change it to normal HAHAHAHA Look at us, we're very pink =)))

What I wore:
Tank top from Forever 21, shorts from Fashion Galore, heart necklace, flats
Proof that I'm still taller than my 15-year old brudder :)))
Please forgive the tacky mirror shots. HAHAHAHA :)) 

Photos by me, my Mama & Kristian Patolot.

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