Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was so lucky that I got the chance to meet Allison Harvard and Dominique Reighard from ANTM last Saturday at MOA.

America's Next Top Model is like one of my most favorite shows. And Allison had been my favorite by the time I saw her on Cycle 12. I don't know, I just fell in love with her pretty big eyes and her weirdness :) I also liked Dominique from Cycle 10, she's funny and well, beautiful!

The event was hosted by Raymond Gutierrez. He lost a lot of weight and started looking more like Richard. Haha. 
 Allison was really shy in person. She actually whispers to Dominique and lets her say what she wants to say. Cute!
Allison is very beautiful and tall in person. I couldn't believe I saw those pretty eyes! She's really sweet and she hugs really tight! I was fourth in line so she wasn't tired then but as I was watching when it was like the 30th person's turn, she was telling them she's sorry because she's a little bit sweaty already. Awww. It was also sweet that when she signed her picture she asked my name and asked how it was spelled and the way she says "Aww, thank you!" is really sweet that I want to hug her a little bit more :)

Dominique may not be my most favorite top model, but I really like her. She has amazing personality and she could sing really well. She's really beautiful in person, too and really tall!

With Mr. Mike Carandang, owner of MC79 Productions.

 Hahaha. So, while waiting for the event to start, I had my picture taken here. I'm not a big fan but I like them especially Harry heehee
 So I wore this top that was given to me by my friend, Kae. Nice, eh?

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

It was 3rd of May and Charmaine's 18th birthday. She decided to have a roadtrip to Lucban, Quezon. We left home at around 8:00am so we'll arrive there early. We took a different route than usual, Charmaine had a map and we tried to follow that because it said that  it was the easiest way to get there. But then, instead of reaching the place early, we ended up going back and forth trying to find the right way. We asked people around the area which way was the right way, so as soon as  we were  driving on the right way, the car failed on us and we were stuck in the middle of the road, creating traffic. We didn't know what to do since there are four of us, all  girls and we have no knowledge of faulty cars whatsoever! Imagine the bad luck! But then a helpful tricycle driver went and asked us what's wrong and we told him the car won't start. He called people he knew who can help us and fix the car but nobody was able to make it start. We were stranded for like 5 hours so we decided to kill time at the nearest Jollibee :) Then they decided to just hire a jeepney and pull the car to Lipa. Since we can't all ride in the car, Jomai and I rode the jeepney. So, on our way to Lipa, it suddenly rained so hard and since we rode the jeepney, well, you get the picture. And then the jeepney suddenly stopped because it got a flat tire. OMG I know I know how unlucky. After more than an hour, we reached Lipa.

Charmaine called her parents to tell about what happened. So while waiting, we took a looooot of pictures :)

 It took them a little longer to get to us so we decided to have dinner at SM Lipa :)
We were already sitting at Bigg's Diner but then we suddenly craved for pizza and pasta heeheehee

 So we went to Yellow Cab for dinner :)

Kae showed us something fishyyyy on Facebook >:))))))
As soon as we finished dinner, we decided to stroll and we discovered this new milk tea shop called Happy Leaf. It's pretty good but well, Serenitea and Gong Cha are still better =)

We're so pretty HAHAHAHA
 We reached home at around 9:45 pm. It was a hella exhausting day but unforgettable as well. I know the birthday girl had fun, too despite all what happened. We're just thankful of the people who helped us. Good thing no one took advantage of us since we're all girls  from far away. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARMAINE! We love you a lot! <3 <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wish You Were Here

My friends and I went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to have tea, chill and take photos. Our goal in life is to try every tea shops in the Philippines :) Might as well change my blog name to Tea Hunters Gang LOL HAHAHA. As you may have noticed, we always get milk tea every time we go out :) 

It was April 26, 2012 and it was our friend April's birthday. Unfortunately she's in Italy, where she currently lives. But she'll come to the Philippines on May, and I am excited! We celebrated her birthday. We had cake and pizza and pasta :) Heehee HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRAIL! <3

This time, we had Moonleaf tea.

Cute colorful post-its :)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here are our endless jump shots!

Feeling cheerleader HAHAHA

LAST! HAHAHA Charmaine's hair :)))))))))

Trying on shoes at Payless heehee
Look at this heart-shaped tree! Cuuute.

So, later that day, we ate at Big30. We ordered pizza and pasta. Actually, we ordered seafood pasta but I was disappointed with it. It just tasted like spaghetti with 4 small pieces of shrimp.
Their annoying menu HAHAHA

Happy Birthday April from all of usss! We    you!
Wish you were here with us!

Springy Summery Day

Last 26th April, my friends and I went out to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. It rained earlier that day, I thought we weren't gonna push through but then it stopped which made the weather pretty cool :)

*Separate blogpost for that day :)*

What I wore:
Floral dress and bag from Zara, flats from Sole Divas, belt from my Mama, sunnies from bazaar, watch from Esprit, lace cardigan from bazaar, fedora hat from bazaar, heart necklace from bazaar

Woah, almost everything from my outfit was bought from bazaar. I love bazaars! I could stay the whole day rummaging through booths! I'm always on the lookout for events like Supersale Bazaar, so many good finds! :)

Photos by: Charmaine Balba