Saturday, April 28, 2012

Southern Girls

It was a Tuesday and Kae and I were supposed to go to the dentist early but I woke up late and rushed to the dentist then waited for Kae and had my braces adjusted. We really had no plans after that. So, we went to Kae's house and we watched Showtime and checked our favorite blogs and looked at shoes online. Then we called up Charmaine and asked her to come over. We decided to go out so we called Jomai and told her to get ready because we're gonna pick her up in a minute. I was just there, lying in Kae's bed watching her get ready :) Then we decided to go to Alabang Town Center because it was the closest place that had Gong Cha tea :)

Kae and I decided to have pedestrian lane shots, we got it from Lissa Kahayon :)
We also took our chance to goof around and climb the children's slides HAHAHAHA
We had Wintermelon Gong Cha Milk Tea. YUUUMMEEHH!
I really really want to read this book but I'm currently saving up for so many things so I have to postpone this. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors. I have all of her books but this one. If you have time you have to read the Shopaholic series!!!
I literally freaked out when I saw this. Everybody knows that Katy Perry is my first love and forever will be *cheesyyyy*, so I just got to have a photo with Katy's picture HAHAHA =)

 I was craving for BBQ Grill, so we had dinner at Burger King! Heehee

Well, the gang is almost complete :) Can't wait for April!!!
Click here for my outfit post! :)

Photos by: Charmaine Balba

Monday, April 23, 2012


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Golden Sun

Summer is my favorite season. I love the sun. I just wish the sun can stay there without the intense heat. Also, the sun can give the most genuine lighting on photos!

My friends and I went to Alabang Town Center to chill and we took a looooot of photos! I'm gonna have a separate blogpost for that =))))

What I wore:
Dress from Chill, flats from Sole Divas, bag from my sister, sunnies from bazaar, watch from Esprit, headband from Jellybean (it's from a pair of wedges, actually:>)

Photos by: Charmaine Balba

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



by I Love Koi

Meet & greet designers Tricia GosingtianPatricia Prieto, and Danah & Stacy Gutierrez of Plump Pinay and get to know the inspiration behind their swimsuit styles.
KEDS will also be revealing its Spring/Summer 2012 collection!

April 20, 2012 (FRI)
3:00-6:00 PM
Level 2, Eastwood Mall

Come in your KEDS sneakers for a chance to score exclusive prizes!

All of you should come their sponsors will be giving away special treats on that day. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


As usual, I was kidnapped by my friends. They always do that! Especially when I haven't taken a bath yet or prepared something to wear. But I love it when they do that because I know whenever I hear Charmaine's car making peep-peep sounds in front of my house, I'm gonna be in for a fun day! This time, Jhomay, who doesn't usually come with us, came! We're almost complete!

Well, we headed to Sta. Rosa again because we're craving  for milk teas! We had Serenitea then went to Paseo to eat and go to the little shops there :)

I have more that 3 blog posts where I featured Serenitea. Seriously, they should be paying me already. HAHAHAHA. JK :>

What I wore:
Tank top from SM, shorts from Denise, flats from Sole Divas, bag from Aldo
Since I was rushed by these 3, I chose something simple and summer-y. It was soooo hot that day, I almost decided not to come with them but I wanted to. HAHAHAHA. I want to go to the beach sooooo bad.

So, there are 3 reasons why I want to go to the beach:
1. I want to relax and swim, of course.
2. I want to even out my complexion. How is it that my legs are sooooo white? My arms are kinda darker and it doesn't look very pretty because hello? Dark arms, light legs? 
3. I want to feel like it's summer because so far, the only thing that made me feel like that is the heat. 

We saw a random cutie around Paseo and it turned out he was Caloy from the Coke commercial! He's cute, isn't he? :)
It was hard to get a photo of us four and we were too shy to ask someone to take our picture but here we are:

Photos from: Charmaine Balba
Visit Kae's blog, too! Click here.


So, last week, I watched ANTM Cycle 16 because I wasn't able to watch that because of frickin school. Anyways, if I were Tyra Banks, I'm gonna go Hunger Games to Molly and Brittani and make the two of them win and become America's Next Top Model. It was so hard to choose because I love 'em both! Plus, Molly kinda looks like my favorite cousin Vicky, made me miss her more.

That's all folks! <3

Monday, April 9, 2012

Date with Girlfriends

I have the most impulsive friends ever. Usually, as I was lazily lying in bed doing nothing, I will receive texts from them like, "Bahay ka?", "Punta na kami diyan ngayon.". But then, unplanned dates are the most fun, right?

On April 2 2012, they picked me up at my house at 7pm. We didn't know where to go first but we ended up driving to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We decided to go to Nuvali and have teas at Serenitea.

This was taken while we were waiting for our orders. I was pretending that I didn't know we were being photographed HAHAHAHAHA
We had pizza and pasta for dinner at Yellowcab :)

What I wore:
Striped maxi dress from Anti-Fashion, flats from Sole Divas, bag from Zara*a gift*, ring from bazaar

I probably wore this maxi dress thrice already, but, what the hell, I like this dress. There's nothing wrong with repeating clothes, right? :) As long as you don't wear it with the same everything(shoes, bag, accessories) ANYWAY! We had a mini-photoshoot. I was trying so hard to make my skirt flip or something. But there was no wind. Yeah, imagine the heat. There were also a lot of people by the way. We just tried to ignore them. That's what Lissa Kahayon and David Guison said, ignore the people's staring HAHAHAHA =)

With Kae.


Photos by Kae Nones and Charmaine Balba and me :)

April Third

We went to visit our Lolo in San Luis, Batangas. Most of my relatives have their houses there but most aren't lived at at all since everybody seems to live abroad or the city. But, I love it there so much! I spent most of my childhood there. Back when I was a kid, we used to explore the "woods" and the sugar cane fields. We have a river just at the back of our house, and there are a lot of tall mahogany trees that were planted by my father. We also have rambutan trees down at the back. My childhood was really simple. I grew up away from the city, the fabulous malls, parties, clothes and shoes but I eventually found my way towards those things. I used to wear boy shorts, t-shirts, caps and slippers when I was a kid. Did I mention I was quite a tomboy back then? Well, I was. It's really good to say that I was able to experience playing games like habulan, tumbang preso, patintero, sikyo, and a lot more. I really miss being a kid. Now, most of my cousins have grown up. We have grown up. I miss my cousins. I miss being a kid during summer. Oh well, life is not fair, so better to just play along.

Here are some photos (I took them from our window, I wasn't able to go outside because it was scorching hot)

Here are photos with my Lolo:
This was taken on vivid setting, thus the color. I wasn't able to change it to normal HAHAHAHA Look at us, we're very pink =)))

What I wore:
Tank top from Forever 21, shorts from Fashion Galore, heart necklace, flats
Proof that I'm still taller than my 15-year old brudder :)))
Please forgive the tacky mirror shots. HAHAHAHA :)) 

Photos by me, my Mama & Kristian Patolot.