Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleepover @trinamamamia's

We were planning to have a sleepover at Trina's condo in Manila for the longest time where all of us will come. We tried to make everyone to come, we were 10 in our barkada, but in the end, there were only 4 of us who came :( BUT, it was hella fun! We got to try a lot of things! HAHAHAHA.

1. We decided to go to Greenhills, we thought of a way on how we're gonna reach the place since we have no car and we know how much it will be if we took the taxi. So we decided to go LRT-MRT to Greenhills.

2. It was my second time to ride the LRT. It was like 5pm and we know trains will be loaded up since most people are going home from work or school so we were standing for 2 stations.

3. Next was MRT. We had to ride for 6 or 7 stations. It was my first time in MRT and we were standing and it was so crowded I can barely breathe. It was really scary because there were men beside us and they really tried to fit in, in every station, there were like 4 or 5 people trying to get into when I can barely move. Yeah, you get the picture. It was quite an experience but I swear I won't do it again. It was scary.

Miraculously, we reached Greenhills safely, not one of us robbed or anything. We wanted to take pictures in LRT and MRT but we didn't get the chance :(

We had milk teas at Cha Time sponsored by Gael. HAHAHAHA, she was the one who paid mine. She said it was a treat! Hehehe :)

We went home at like, 11pm because we decided to take the taxi home and we waited until we think the traffic already ceased. So, no traffic, fast ride home :)


Trina, showing her "VICKI BELO" smile. HAHAHAHA

(c) Trina Elefante|| I like the no flash effect, the photo went green, made it quite spooky. Oh, I love to scare people, BTW. HAHAHAHA >:D

What I wore:

Long-sleeved blue glitter dress from my sister's closet, beige cardigan from Episodes, sling bag from Zara, necklace from Laureen Uy
And say hello to my overused flats! HAHAHA


Here's the evening and morning view from Trina's balcony (photos by moi):
Photos from: Gael Dy
Photos by: Trina Elefante, Me, Jeny Valencia and Krizza Isla

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