Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleepover @trinamamamia's

We were planning to have a sleepover at Trina's condo in Manila for the longest time where all of us will come. We tried to make everyone to come, we were 10 in our barkada, but in the end, there were only 4 of us who came :( BUT, it was hella fun! We got to try a lot of things! HAHAHAHA.

1. We decided to go to Greenhills, we thought of a way on how we're gonna reach the place since we have no car and we know how much it will be if we took the taxi. So we decided to go LRT-MRT to Greenhills.

2. It was my second time to ride the LRT. It was like 5pm and we know trains will be loaded up since most people are going home from work or school so we were standing for 2 stations.

3. Next was MRT. We had to ride for 6 or 7 stations. It was my first time in MRT and we were standing and it was so crowded I can barely breathe. It was really scary because there were men beside us and they really tried to fit in, in every station, there were like 4 or 5 people trying to get into when I can barely move. Yeah, you get the picture. It was quite an experience but I swear I won't do it again. It was scary.

Miraculously, we reached Greenhills safely, not one of us robbed or anything. We wanted to take pictures in LRT and MRT but we didn't get the chance :(

We had milk teas at Cha Time sponsored by Gael. HAHAHAHA, she was the one who paid mine. She said it was a treat! Hehehe :)

We went home at like, 11pm because we decided to take the taxi home and we waited until we think the traffic already ceased. So, no traffic, fast ride home :)


Trina, showing her "VICKI BELO" smile. HAHAHAHA

(c) Trina Elefante|| I like the no flash effect, the photo went green, made it quite spooky. Oh, I love to scare people, BTW. HAHAHAHA >:D

What I wore:

Long-sleeved blue glitter dress from my sister's closet, beige cardigan from Episodes, sling bag from Zara, necklace from Laureen Uy
And say hello to my overused flats! HAHAHA


Here's the evening and morning view from Trina's balcony (photos by moi):
Photos from: Gael Dy
Photos by: Trina Elefante, Me, Jeny Valencia and Krizza Isla

Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Showtime!!!

I am the biggest Laureen Uy fan. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that she's on Showtime. I was planning to ask her for passes for the longest time but I was soooo shy :"> I use this twitter account (@LaureenLAUvers) to tweet about her, RT her blog posts, invite people to visit her blog (, tweet updates about her upcoming TV guesting and shows, and to support her whenever. Well, she invited us to watch live on studio on Friday (March23) so I invited my friends, also BIIIIIG Laureen Uy fans.

I have met Laureen Uy for like, 4 times already. Even for the first time we met, she's really sweet and super nice already. She's very approachable and friendly. Everytime I see her, she's never suplada, she's always smiling and well, all I can say is she's the sweetest celebrity I know.

I wasn't able to see her in Supersale so I was so excited to see her again :) I was really hoping that she'll remember me and fortunately, she did :)

Here are some snapshots of Laureen:

Geraldine came with me and with two others, Allyza and her friend but we weren't seated together.

Our cutesy photo together. I had to make it black and white, though cause it was so blue :) Cute, eh? :)

What I wore:

Gray dress from Bershka, belt from my mom(vintage), flats from Sole Divas, bag from Aldo

And oh, yeah! Laureen gave us super fabulous accessories :) 

Photos from: Geraldine Katigbak

Sunday, March 25, 2012

LK + DG Saturday

Saturday, March 24, 2012, was a very rainy afternoon, almost stormy. Staying at home is an option but we chose to go somewhere awesome. At Lissa Kahayon and David Guison's Styling, Power Dressing, Blogging and Photography workshop by The List Group that was held at Ariato Function Center, Il Terrazzo, Quezon City!

This is gonna be pretty long, so brace yourselves. Charat!
(I'm going to put few photos, though. One thing I've learned from the workshop:>)
At almost exactly 1:00pm, we reached the venue, we immediately registered and got our name tags then went to find our seats. We chose to be seated in front because, well, we have to seize this, this is once lang eh :) As soon as I took my seat, I promised myself that I'm gonna be a good student. I was really interested, as in!

Earlier before I left home, I read Lissa's tweet. She said something like: "2 hours of sleep. Hello walking zombie." But then, when I saw her, I was like, "Are you kidding me? She looks so fresh and really really pretty!"

The whole of the workshop was really a fun learning experience. In that 5 hours, I learned so much that I wish to attend more. Lissa and David were very good hosts, they were funny and really good looking :)
There was this activity that me and my groupmates are gonna have to style one person, from finding the clothes to accessorizing and taking photos. They chose me as their 'model' and our sponsor was Trunk Show.
Photo by: Eilyn Yatco
Top and bag from Trunk Show, bangles from Adi, necklace from Vina, everything else mine :)

My groupmates are all very friendly and fun :) All are really nice. I hope I'll see them again soon!

After the workshop, we had Gong Cha milk teas and had dinner at Bon Chon :)
Top from Katies, shorts from Fashion Galore, flats from Sole Divas, necklace from Laureen Uy, ring from bazaar.


It's really fun! What do you think? Comments are appreciated :))))
Photos from: Gikki Nones

Monday, March 5, 2012

Supersale Bazaar

Last week had been one of my busiest. I had no proper sleep since Monday. I was in school on both Saturday and Sunday. I thought I wouldn't make it to the Supersale Bazaar, but I squeezed it in my schedule. I know I have to go there, even for just an hour (weh?) 

Last March 4th, I went with my dear sister, my friends Kae, Charmaine and Ate Gikki :) As usual, I had soooo much fun! Sooo many great finds. As soon as we enter the bazaar, my sister and I were practically hyperventilating. We didn't know where to start! It was heaven on earth. HAHAHA

What I wore: Striped top, cream plaid shorts, brogues, sling bag & sunnies

It was so windy in WTC! :)
Tippy-toeing :P
These shoes are amazing! Alexander McQueen-ish! :)
Somebody give this to me, please! I want want want this sooo bad! It has the suuuper vintagey feel! They look like LPs! I WANT! Plus, that huge Katy Perry record is a catch! Too bad, I didn't ask the price. Next time! :)
Paparazzi shot :P :)))
Where was I looking? LOOOL!
Verniece Enciso! She's really sweet! She's my sister's favorite blogger :) She's suuuper nice and really pretty. Such a doll! :)
Lissa Kahayon! My favorite! :)))))))))))))
Charmaine, Kae, Ate Gikki and Lissa :)
I missed these two! Suuuuper! Can't wait to hang-out with them this summer! But, we're incomplete :( We miss Prail and Jhomay soooo much! <3

My ever-lurky girlfriend, KAE :) 
Ma chère sœur. Je l'aime et je vais elle manquer! <3

XOXO, krzyyperry