Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last weekend, February 19, 2012, we went to Lemery to attend a welcome party for Lauren, my baby cousin. She was born in UAE and it's her first time in the Philippines. Well, she's a baby, barely a year old but she has really thick and black hair. Really cute.

Yeah, so. On Saturday because that was on Sunday, I was totally sick. Suuuper sick I was in bed all day, I was eating in bed, everything. I wasn't able to go to school that day, which was fortunately cancelled, and I wasn't able to show up on our interview for our documentary video :( We were supposed to interview a family who lives in a, well, not particularly wealthy area, you get what I mean. I was excited because I wanted to know their story but unfortunately, I didn't go :( But my groupmates pushed through and did the interview well :))

By Sunday, I was feeling a lot better but still sick. I was not excused with going to Lemery but it's okay because I really like going to family parties and I'm craving for buko pandan :)) 

I dressed up in a rush since I wasn't able to prepare the night before. I wore something comfy and easy to move in. 

Blue and yellow maxi-dress, green knitted cardigan, mustard wedges.

(The photos are edited by my sister. She has crappy editing. Mehehe. I'm gonna use them, anyway.)

That's Lauren! And her parents =)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is an ultimately late blog post. But I have to blog this. We didn't have photos because cameras weren't allowed inside the venue. I could not believe I was going to finally watch her. You have no idea how excited I was. I didn't even have a VIP ticket. But it felt as if she's just there in front of me. 

Oh yeah, btw, I was talking about KATY PERRY's California Dreams Tour in the Philippines. Her concert!!!

Everyone who knows me knows how in love I am with Katy Perry. She's my idol, role model, dream girl *lesbo-moments* and everything. Who doesn't love Katy? Tell me, and I'm gonna kill you. Hahahaha. Just kidding. Well, too bad I wasn't able to go to her meet and greet. That's the consequence of living in the far South. 

Anyway, I still hope she'll come back in like, 2 years. And when that happens, I'll make sure to go to her every event. Press cons, launches, meet and greets, everything!

We only have few photos taken. I wore something casual. A polka-dotted denim heart shaped dress, a cardi, and flats. I wouldn't want to hurt my feet even more with wearing heels/wedges. I was wearing flats and you wouldn't imagine how sore my feet went. And my throat! Oh my gosh, it hurt soooooo bad. But I didn't mind. I was having the time of my life, the best night ever! The fireworks made it even better. As in, actual fireworks before the show. Leah even tweeted about it. There was a 2-hour delay in the show, though. But, when the show started, it went smoothly and splendidly! All I can say is Katy became really great at singing live. She was amazing and unreal!
Photo from Get Shot :)
The only regret I had with this is that I didn't save enough to get a VIP ticket. Next time! There will always be a next time, diba? :)

KATYCAT forever <3

P.S. Remember my Christmas Wishlist blogpost? My first wish was to go to Katy's Concert! And I got it! Thank you God! Thank you Papa and Mama =)

The Vow

Today, I watched The Vow with Geraldine, Jeny and Dann. I've been waiting for this movie since last year and well, I was not disappointed in fact I loved this movie to bits. Rachel McAdams is one of my most favorite actresses and I love Channing Tatum as well. I don't know, I think Channing Tatum is one perfect boyfriend. He's seems so sweet in most of his movies, like, Dear John. He makes me so kileeeeg :">

I love this movie! Instant favorite! I'm not gonna write anything about the story since I don't want to be a stinking spoiler. Hahaha. I recommend you guys to watch this. If you don't have anything to do on Valentine's Day, like a date or something, go watch this instead! Heartwarming, kaka-inlove!

Fair - Star Magic vs. Chevrons

Last Thursday, February 09, 2011, was the first day of DLSL's Fair. The most important event that day was the basketball game between Star Magic cuties and DLSL Chevrons. I went to school at about 12pm. The game was supposed to start at 4 and I could not believe how long the line was already by, like, 12:30pm. From the Sentrum then through the sides of the CMR building then around registrar's office to the Chapel. If you're from De La Salle Lipa, you already know what I mean but if not, well, just imagine it as an overly long long long long long line. The people ignored the heat and the crowded line. Some even went as early as 7am. Well, I wouldn't blame anybody, XIAN LIM and GERALD ANDERSON would be there e!

So when I reached school, I was with Karen and Krizza. We went straight to the front line where our friends Gael, Danica and Geraldine were standing. We told them to reserve us seats inside and we'll buy them anything they want in Robinsons. We then bought them pizza and Zagu :) We didn't go in line, we just waited by the sides. Then I had the idea of going to the back door where I was sure the Star Magic cuties will enter. We just made tambay there, playing with Jeny's iPad and making kwento. By around 3 something, the bus came. We saw everyone get off the bus and enter the door. It was a riot but I didn't mind. I was able to see Xian effing Lim in person! He was so damn cute I couldn't even believe he was real. Hahahaha. I know, I am such a fan girl. :">

Grabe, if you were there, you'll be deaf with how loud everybody yelled when Xian and Gerald entered the court. Okay, I am guilty, I was one of the loudest, I think. Hahahaha. I can't help it, I suuuper like 'em e!
The game ended with the score 117-120 in favor of the Star Magic cuties. Gerald Anderson would have been the MVP if not for the slight commotion by the end of the game. I have no idea he could play so weeeeeellllll! MVP material talaga! We girls really like guys who can play ball so well, right? But with face like that and talents like those, what more could you ask for with Gerald? 

Trina went all the way from Manila just for the game. She ditched her last class so she could watch. We were complete that day! I super missed them! It's so sad we barely see each other that much. Different classes, e :(
(L-R) Jeny, Mariz, Danica, Geraldine, Krizza, Gael, Karen, Trina, Me, and Kaycee :)
With Brother Bong =))

Then we had lunch at Biggs Diner :) 
BTW, this year, I was in school the whole 3-day fair. I guess I was just too bored to stay at home :))

'Till next year's fair! :*

Photos from: Geraldine, Danica and Gael :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

After a very long time...

Hello again! It has been a year since I've had a blog post. Loljk, it was just last December 2011. Anyways, I really wanted to post something regularly but I don't have a photographer. Hahahaha. 

Yeah, so, last February 4, 2012, my aunt had her house blessed and celebrated her birthday. So me and my sister took a lot photos of each other. I had a lot of fun, although it rained later that day. I tried to do a walking/jumping shot. Fortunately I had a photo or two where I was suspended in the air. My sister failed all. Or was I the one who failed to capture the jump? Hahahaha. Whatever. I still think she was the one who failed. My sister is supposed to leave later this month, I think. Well, I guess I'm going to miss her after all. I told her to send me money every month for shoes. Hihihihi.

Here are our walking shots :)