Friday, March 2, 2012


Have you ever slept beneath the stars? Well, I just did. And it was my first time! Last February 24, 2012, from Friday night to Saturday morning, we had the Astrocamp for our physical science class. It let us view the stars and some planets with the use of their gigantic telescopes. It was amazing, seeing my favorite planet, Saturn. I've seen Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in photos or in google but in actual, as in, right there (although they're not really right there, light years away in fact), unbelievable. Saturn really has the rings! I finally believed that it has those really cutesy rings. Hahahaha. I asked them if I can view Neptune, I wanted to see how blue it is, but they said no, it's too far :(

Since I was in gradeschool, a portable planetarium used to come to our school every year and I pretty much got tired of it. Well, this time, seeing every star and recognizing every constellation in real sky, was a really great experience. My interest in Astronomy came back! Hahahahaha.

Here are our photos:

What I wore: gray shirt, skinny jeans, sandals (pretty simple and easy to stay comfy through the night ^.^)
The polka dotted blanket was mine, and you wouldn't imagine how dirty it got! Grabe talaga! HAHAHAHA :)
Stargazing (stolen shot) weh? =))))
"That one's Venus!"
The camera almost fell down on my face! HAHAHA. 
ARTE! =)))
"Honey, honey. I can see the stars all the way from here." <3
Love them! <3
Oreo baby :)
They were playing party songs so we seized the moment. We parteeeyyyyd! HAHAHA =))
Can you believe we did this "photoshoot" at like. 3:30am? We went to the far end of the field and took our photos there. HAHAHAHA. It was sooo much fun! Although my feet got wet from the morning dew on the grass. =))
Breaking dawn jump shots :)
Breaking dawn butt shot. HAHAHAHA =)))
The original "TROUBLEMAKERS". The three of us did sooo much trouble when we were freshmen. We cut classes, we got sent out of the room from talking too much, we helped each other get out of the classroom without getting caught by the professor. You have no idea how much fun I have whenever I'm with these two! HAHAHAHA =))
XOXO, krzyyperry <3

Photos from: Geraldine Katigbak

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