Monday, March 5, 2012

Supersale Bazaar

Last week had been one of my busiest. I had no proper sleep since Monday. I was in school on both Saturday and Sunday. I thought I wouldn't make it to the Supersale Bazaar, but I squeezed it in my schedule. I know I have to go there, even for just an hour (weh?) 

Last March 4th, I went with my dear sister, my friends Kae, Charmaine and Ate Gikki :) As usual, I had soooo much fun! Sooo many great finds. As soon as we enter the bazaar, my sister and I were practically hyperventilating. We didn't know where to start! It was heaven on earth. HAHAHA

What I wore: Striped top, cream plaid shorts, brogues, sling bag & sunnies

It was so windy in WTC! :)
Tippy-toeing :P
These shoes are amazing! Alexander McQueen-ish! :)
Somebody give this to me, please! I want want want this sooo bad! It has the suuuper vintagey feel! They look like LPs! I WANT! Plus, that huge Katy Perry record is a catch! Too bad, I didn't ask the price. Next time! :)
Paparazzi shot :P :)))
Where was I looking? LOOOL!
Verniece Enciso! She's really sweet! She's my sister's favorite blogger :) She's suuuper nice and really pretty. Such a doll! :)
Lissa Kahayon! My favorite! :)))))))))))))
Charmaine, Kae, Ate Gikki and Lissa :)
I missed these two! Suuuuper! Can't wait to hang-out with them this summer! But, we're incomplete :( We miss Prail and Jhomay soooo much! <3

My ever-lurky girlfriend, KAE :) 
Ma chère sœur. Je l'aime et je vais elle manquer! <3

XOXO, krzyyperry


  1. Looks like a fun event! Anyways, cute pics! I'm a new follower btw! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime! XoXo, Jen