Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Showtime!!!

I am the biggest Laureen Uy fan. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that she's on Showtime. I was planning to ask her for passes for the longest time but I was soooo shy :"> I use this twitter account (@LaureenLAUvers) to tweet about her, RT her blog posts, invite people to visit her blog (, tweet updates about her upcoming TV guesting and shows, and to support her whenever. Well, she invited us to watch live on studio on Friday (March23) so I invited my friends, also BIIIIIG Laureen Uy fans.

I have met Laureen Uy for like, 4 times already. Even for the first time we met, she's really sweet and super nice already. She's very approachable and friendly. Everytime I see her, she's never suplada, she's always smiling and well, all I can say is she's the sweetest celebrity I know.

I wasn't able to see her in Supersale so I was so excited to see her again :) I was really hoping that she'll remember me and fortunately, she did :)

Here are some snapshots of Laureen:

Geraldine came with me and with two others, Allyza and her friend but we weren't seated together.

Our cutesy photo together. I had to make it black and white, though cause it was so blue :) Cute, eh? :)

What I wore:

Gray dress from Bershka, belt from my mom(vintage), flats from Sole Divas, bag from Aldo

And oh, yeah! Laureen gave us super fabulous accessories :) 

Photos from: Geraldine Katigbak

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  1. I agree she looks nice and approachable. followed u btw. ^_*