Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last weekend, February 19, 2012, we went to Lemery to attend a welcome party for Lauren, my baby cousin. She was born in UAE and it's her first time in the Philippines. Well, she's a baby, barely a year old but she has really thick and black hair. Really cute.

Yeah, so. On Saturday because that was on Sunday, I was totally sick. Suuuper sick I was in bed all day, I was eating in bed, everything. I wasn't able to go to school that day, which was fortunately cancelled, and I wasn't able to show up on our interview for our documentary video :( We were supposed to interview a family who lives in a, well, not particularly wealthy area, you get what I mean. I was excited because I wanted to know their story but unfortunately, I didn't go :( But my groupmates pushed through and did the interview well :))

By Sunday, I was feeling a lot better but still sick. I was not excused with going to Lemery but it's okay because I really like going to family parties and I'm craving for buko pandan :)) 

I dressed up in a rush since I wasn't able to prepare the night before. I wore something comfy and easy to move in. 

Blue and yellow maxi-dress, green knitted cardigan, mustard wedges.

(The photos are edited by my sister. She has crappy editing. Mehehe. I'm gonna use them, anyway.)

That's Lauren! And her parents =)

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