Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Coral Punch

This is what I wore to Showtime :) 

Pink sheer sleeveless top, navy blue shorts, mustard wedges =))

Lissa Kahayon-pose. Hihihihihih <3

And the famous Laureen Uy-pose <3

Earrings are from Laureen Uy (Supersale)
Since my friends haven't started their blogs yet, Imma blog their looks =)


The humongous bangles of Ging =)))))))))
These super funky pumps are from Primadonna =)


Thanks friends for taking my photos! I didn't know who took which, well, anyways, thank youuu. Love you friends <3


The nasty nasty wind blew my hair off to the other side. I didn't even notice. :|

Whippin' our hair. 


Love you, friends <3 <3 <3

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