Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary to our parents from another Sister :))) Whut?

It was December 23, 2011, my friend Geraldine's parents' 21st wedding anniversary. They planned to go to Tagaytay and brought me and my friends with them :) The call time was 10am. Unfortunately I woke up at 9:45 due to massive pain last night because it was my first red day. SO, anyway, I woke up to Karen's and Jeny's text. Told 'em I woke up too late but they said prepare anyway and they're gonna pick me up. It had been my most rushed preparation in history although I was still able to curl my hair. Hehehe :)

I wore something casual and flowy because I know it's going to be so windy in Tagaytay.

Danica, Gael, Karen, Jeny and Mariz bought a cake for Tita Liza and Tito Babo as a present. Too bad I wasn't there because, well, I was still home.

The view was amaziiiing. It was foggy though.  We kind of stopped over somewhere where the view's great :)

Sorry Gael I have to post this :* I really find this one cute =)))
Afterwards, we ate at .... I forgot the name of the resto. Nasa mga huts yung tables. Our hut was placed along the slope. It was pretty scary :S

Playing "BUDOY". OMG look at Karen. Achieve na achieve :))))
We stopped over at a gas station and well, you know na. =))))

We went biking! Gahhhd I missed this :))

Okay. HAHAHA. So, I cannot move the bike up. Geraldine so mean! Hihihihih =)))
And so, I have to push it pa. HAHAHA :>
Oh yes, I can bike with one hand only :P =))))
Sun! What have you done to my skin? HAHAHA
Nasty horse!
Fierce. Rawr.
Then, we went to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We strolled around Nuvali, window-shopped shoes. Geraldine and I tried a looooot of blogger-vibes shoes at Aldo :)

Haggard na!
Touch-ups :)

Then, we headed straight to Paseo and had our dinner at Razon's :)))
Going home! :)

Thank you Tito Babo and Tita Liza for bringing us! Happy Anniversary! :*

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