Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bestest Christmas Lunch Evaah!

I was invited by Ate Kim to this lunch which was last December 17, 2011. I knew that Solenn Heussaff was going to be there because the lunch was originally for a get together of her fans. I was surprised when I discovered who else were coming!!!

Solenn had made a reservation at Cafe Juanita in Burgos Circle, The Fort. I wasn't able to take a photo of the restaurant. It was pretty small but awesome decos :)

If you think fancy restos doesn't serve delish food, this one does! Filipino food pa! I love these especially <3

Aligue Pasta, I LOVE YOU! I can eat you for forever! <3

Okay so enough with the food. Love you!

There were 4 people who came first. Ate Kim was included. I was hesitant to enter the restaurant pa. When I went in, I thought I was late. I was planning to go early talaga kasi nakakahiya kay Sos pag late. Yeah well, anyway, when there were 5 of us, ISABELLE DAZA came! Oh my! Pretty pretty girl! Then Solenn came afterwards. As always, drop dead gorgeous! 

Then Geogina Wilson.
Then Borgy Manotoc.

Starstruck? Nahhhhh. I was just literally screaming inside, can't let it out, mageeskandalo ako. HAHAHA. Belle was really nice. She interviewed us, asking questions. 

Isabelle Daza :>

Georgina Wilson <3
SOLENN HEUSSAFF <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Borgy Manotoc, oh so gwapo :">

My paparazzi photo of Sos and George <3 

Group picture <3 (c) Borgy
Photo from: EJ Ballesteros
This was my gift to Solenn:

I wasn't able to buy gifts for Georgina and Isabelle coz I didn't know they were coming. Sayang!

Anyways, I wasn't really expecting this but the three of them had gifts for everybody! Here they are:

From Solenn <3
From Isabelle and Georgina <3
What I wore:

Black and white stripes maxi-dress from Anti-Fashion. The dress was originally from Camille Co, I bought it at the Supersale :)))))

The four of them told me the same thing:
"Why are you so tall?"

Mehehehehe =)))

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