Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Springy Summery Day

Last 26th April, my friends and I went out to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. It rained earlier that day, I thought we weren't gonna push through but then it stopped which made the weather pretty cool :)

*Separate blogpost for that day :)*

What I wore:
Floral dress and bag from Zara, flats from Sole Divas, belt from my Mama, sunnies from bazaar, watch from Esprit, lace cardigan from bazaar, fedora hat from bazaar, heart necklace from bazaar

Woah, almost everything from my outfit was bought from bazaar. I love bazaars! I could stay the whole day rummaging through booths! I'm always on the lookout for events like Supersale Bazaar, so many good finds! :)

Photos by: Charmaine Balba

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