Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recollection 2012

We had our recollection in Blue Roze last July 9, Monday. This was our last recollection because retreat is next! :) Last year, I decided not to come to the recollection, but this time I decided to just go and good thing I did! I had a lot of fun plus I missed all the animals and the snakes (HAHA, no) there and all the good places to take pictures at :)

We took a lot of photos, although this may seem a little pa compared to how much we had back then. Awww I miss the old times. I wish we're still complete. 
I was trying to scare off the doves while my classmate fed them. HAHA. I was aiming for that birdies-flying look. But, oh well. HAHA

Meet my pet-I mean my friend, KAREN :>

 Look at this snake! Ohmy so big isn't it?
|L-R| Krizza, Geraldine, Me, Mariz

Oh yeah btw, these burgers are heaven! They're so yummy! 


Thank you friends for taking my photos! Love you and miss you all! <3

Photos from: Geraldine's

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