Saturday, July 14, 2012


Okay, so here comes a long post...

Last summer, 2 of my closest friends turned 18. I attended their parties which were held in two consecutive nights! I had a lot of fun plus I saw all my high school friends(almost)!

First party was Kae's. The theme was white. Her party's really fun! We spent the night at the venue. We had a pool party with my 3rd year high school friends. Ahhhmissedthemverymuch! <3

I was one of those who gave her 18 shoes! <3
Look at her cake! Can you see it? Her cake was inspired by Liz Uy's cake! <3 Love ittt!
Chikadoras :)

Photos with my third year high school friends! 

Second party was Rachele's. We were classmates in the senior year and I so miss them like hell <3 I love these girls. I miss our super fun days at school :( 

(L-R) My bestfriend since freshman year in high school, Trishia; my super duper close friends, twins Eileen and Aileen; Me (I looked kinda flushed, I think we were already drinking that time heehee)

With mah girls! (L-R) Eileen, Aileen, Trishia, Eunice, Jessa, Jessa's bf, uuberduupersexxy Joyce, Bannie, Loraine and me :>

Photos: not mine, grabbed from Kae & Rachele

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