Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bloggers United 3

Saturday, June 2,Ging, Kae and I went to the Bloggers United 3 at the Grand Events Place in Makati City. 
Divine Lee
Lissa Kahayon

Verniece Enciso
Cheyser Pedregosa
Kryz Uy

Lovechic's Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham

Patricia Prieto

Camille Co! I met her for like thrice already but this was the first time we had a photo together. I even gave her my Raffles fan because she said it was too hot inside, and she recognized me when I told her I'm krzyyperry on twitter :>

David Guison

Robbie Becroft

Carlos Concepcion

Anastasia Siantar! All the way from Indonesia! She's super cuuute!

And last but definitely not the least, Laureen Uy! Forever sweet! And I'm super happy that she knows me, too! We even made a small talk while her fans are falling in line for a photo. Hehe. I gave way to other fans because I got a lot of photos with her already :)))) But I still had to have a photo with her! :> And it's also great that I'm friends with her P.A :)
That's it! I bought a few tops, pants and accessories! So many great finds but the crowd was really big and it was really hard to go around the booths! :)
Photos from: Geraldine's iPhone *no edits/filters*

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