Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bye Bye Summer :(

Okay. So, it's the 29th of March and it's raining outside as I was typing this. You know, I may be the loser-est girl ever. I can say that this is the worst summer ever for me. Summer is usually spent on the beaches, or the pool, or anywhere where you can beat the intense summer heat. But for me, summer was spent in school (I had 3 classes, which means my schedule is 7-4 :|), at home (good thing I bought all the shopaholic novels by Sophie Kinsella which had kept me company through the most boring summer ever, I actually finished the last book last night:>), and in my bathroom, taking a shower, imagining I'm taking a shower by the pool (unfortunately, we don't have a tub:( ). There, that has been my quotation SUMMER quoatation. If you only knew how bored I was. Typically, this is how I would spent my summer:
1. First stop POOL. Usually, we always have a pool party, with karaoke, barbeque, and hotdogs, in our mini-bathing suit (Actually, I was planning to wear my first ever two-piece bikini, but unfortunately, we haven't been nowhere near the beach -__-)
2. Second, OUR HOUSE IN THE FARM, yeah. I really love it there, but since my favorite cousins migrated to the US, our every visit there became practically dull, if not for my other funny cousins, and my grandpa:)

See how fun my summer was supposed to be? Well, that's already fun for me, I don't know with you. HAHA. You see, I'm a self confessed party girl but I haven't been to a single bar yet. HAHAHA. I know. LAME.

I just hope when my dad comes (he's coming on June 8th, and I know, we'll go places^^), we'll make it up for the summer no matter how my shoes become soaked in the rain. There goes my bumbum summer...

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